Kids Tag Art Check Presentations

2017 KTA Check presentations 4
Okaloosa County Tax Collector Ben Anderson presented checks to elementary schools who participated in the Kids Tag Art program this year. Each school kept the proceeds from in-school sales. When combined with sponsor contributions, the Kids Tag Art program generated a total of $11,073.65 this year. Mr. Anderson is pictured with the principals and some of the art teachers here. To date, the Kids Tag Art program has produced $30,948.80 for participating Okaloosa County elementary schools. Congratulations to these 12 schools for their success!

Antioch – Principal Ms. Kelly Sanders
Art Teacher – Rebekah Marrero

Bluewater – Principal Ms. Amy Klugh
Art Teacher – Sarah Saczynski

Bob Sikes – Principal Mrs. Vicky Hayden, Assist. Principal Nathaniel Chatman
Art Teachers – Donna Taylor (not pictured)

Edge – Principal Dr. Samantha Dawson
Art Teacher – Donna Peters (not pictured)

Elliott Point – Principal Ms. Kathy Ard and Assistant Principal Scott Nuss
Art Teacher – Janette Webb (not pictured)

Florosa – Principal Ms. Dawn Massey
Art Teacher – Linda Holland

Kenwood – Principal Ms. Joan Pickard
Art Teacher – Sarah Harris

Liza Jackson Preparatory – Assistant Principal Julie Jenzen
Art Teacher – Joy Cawiezell

Northwood – Principal Dr. Donna Goode
Art Teacher – Beth Plantz (not pictured)

Riverside – Principal Ms. Tammy Matz
Art Teacher – Haley Kirby

Shalimar – Principal Ms. Kim McSparren
Art Teacher – Tom Litenzer & Karen Spencer

Walker – Principal Ms. Lorna Carnley
Art Teacher – Jennifer Furr